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L.A.’s First Zero Net Energy Classrooms Arrive at Brentwood School

Los Angeles, CA, December 2, 2011 – Four GEN7 green modular classrooms arrive at Brentwood School today, making renewable energy a reality for the sustainability-conscious K-12 independent school. Designed to pursue LEED Gold certification, the new state-of-the-art classrooms will provide a new wing of permanent, high-performance learning space expected to deliver 70% in energy savings.

Constructed entirely from recycled materials and powered by roof-mounted solar panels, Brentwood School’s newest classrooms will generate enough energy every year to cover 100% of their electricity
usage, making it Los Angeles’ first Zero Net Energy classrooms. Because the solar panels are shipped in place, the classrooms will begin generating energy the same day they’re installed. GEN7’s proprietary energy management system will monitor each classroom to ensure performance overtime.

GEN7’s unsurpassed energy efficiency combines renewable energy with features that reduce the need for electricity. Each GEN7 Zero Net Energy classroom includes an ultra-tight, high R-value building envelope,
high-efficiency mechanical system, smart lighting system with the latest LED technology, large low-E view windows and skylights, light and occupancy sensors along with and dedicated outdoor ventilation system.

“True to our mission of embracing high standards of character, commitment, and achievement, with GEN7 we set a new standard for ourselves in terms of environmental responsibility and the use of learning space
as a teaching tool.” Said Brentwood School’s Head of School Dr. Mike Riera. GEN7 classrooms are designed for both health and comfort, making them the ideal learning environment.

Each Zero Net Energy classroom is also a hands-on teaching tool, equipped with its own interactive SMART board. An Energy Efficiency Education Dashboard is being developed that displays the building’s
performance data and demonstrates sustainable initiatives, such as energy production and consumption, LEED scorecard, green features and student tutorials.

To kick off the groundbreaking, Brentwood School’s Parents Association will host a 9 a.m. pancake breakfast for Middle and Upper Division students, allowing them to watch and learn as their new classrooms are installed. The school’s administrators and Board of Trustees along with representatives from GEN7 will be available to answer questions.

To learn more about the installation and track its progress, follow us on Twitter @GEN7schools or on Facebook.

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