Modular Classrooms and Buildings

A school is more than a building; it’s a place where today’s students prepare to become tomorrow’s leaders. That’s why AMS considers education more than a business. We’ve made it our mission – and our passion – to create comfortable, pleasant environments that inspire achievement and cultivate success.

From a single classroom to an entire campus, our goal is to meet your goal, providing the best solution to your student, faculty, budget and management needs.

AMS has built thousands of facilities for public, private and charter schools, each designed to meet the educational or specialty needs of K-12, universities and vocational schools. Our buildings combine state-of-the-art construction with innovative technology, using only the finest quality materials to create a versatile, cost-effective, functional space that performs to the highest expectations. AMS buildings are engineered to last, meeting all DSA/ADA requirements, as well as the most rigorous building codes. And every AMS building puts safety first, structurally engineered for California’s stringent seismic zones.

modular classrooms