The AMS Advantage

The best possible learning spaces for students at the best possible value for schools.
Modern Designs
Smart, made simple.

AMS takes learning to the next level, leading the industry in cutting-edge design that makes schools healthier, more empowering environments for modern learners. Comfort, function and productivity come together in student-centered spaces that connect students, teachers and technology for a collaborative learning experience. Every AMS building is resource-efficient, built sustainably from responsible, low-maintenance materials that perform reliably over decades of use. AMS buildings are equally cost-efficient, delivering a custom, modern aesthetic with the speed and convenience of a modular building. Smart spaces for students. Simple for schools. Sustainable for the future. That’s The AMS Advantage.

We check all the boxes.

From exceptional quality to health and safety, AMS buildings give schools the things that matter most—at a cost that makes them attainable.


We think schools should be creative places. So we build creatively. Our advanced design and build technologies allow us to modularize virtually any design, creating custom buildings that fit a school’s programming and personality. We can design wide-open spaces without walls… create soaring two-story lobbies and common areas… customize rooflines. We can install skylights everywhere, connect spaces with windows or remove boundaries with sliding glass walls that let students learn inside and out. We can add architectural details and integrate site-built elements that are fun… or functional. You imagine it; we build it—and deliver it just when you need it.


Tight timelines are a reality for school construction, where critical needs make quick delivery a must. AMS delivers high-quality classrooms more than twice as fast as conventional construction. Manufacturing buildings in our factory, then installing them onsite saves months, even years, of construction time—time saved that translates to dollars saved. And AMS can coordinate your schedule with ours, scheduling onsite construction during school break to limit noise and disruption on campus. Expedite expansion plans, add STEM labs, make makerspaces part of the design. AMS makes it easier for any school to modernize any space in half the time.


We design every building with health and well-being in mind. We build responsibly, using sustainable construction methods and selecting non-toxic, low-VOC materials to ensure cleaner indoor air. Our thoughtful design emphasizes natural light, thermal comfort, acoustics and indoor air quality to make every AMS building a safe, productive environment for learning—important since students and teachers spend 90% of their day in school buildings. Large windows keep learning spaces sunny and bright, with an open, free-flowing design that encourages mobility for a more interactive learning and teaching experience.


AMS offers a building for every budget. Customized to a school’s exact specs, AMS buildings deliver all the features and benefits of conventional construction yet cost 30% less to build and as much as 70% less to operate. DSA Pre-Checks streamline procurement. Precision manufacturing, purchasing economies and rapid delivery reduce construction costs. Using our full-service in-house team protects us from labor fluctuations, eliminating costly delays. It all adds up to significant savings that we pass along to schools, lowering upfront costs for every AMS building. Our low-maintenance design lowers lifecycle costs, saving even more.


Enrollment expands, programming changes, needs evolve. AMS buildings anticipate change and are designed to accommodate it. Our learning spaces go beyond the traditional classroom to science and innovation labs, libraries and offices—all configurable with movable walls, indoor-outdoor connections and privacy nooks for individual and small group learning. Spaces are fluid, easily connected, expanded or divided for multifunctional use throughout the day. Flexibility is built-in. Schools can choose the building that best fits their budget and schedule, customize floorplans and features to meet needs, then match exteriors to an existing campus.


AMS buildings are resilient, with the same lifecycle as traditional buildings. Our all-steel moment frame is engineered for the most rigorous seismic conditions, similar to the structural system used in high-rise construction. Single-story buildings can be built up to 140’ wide without a seismic joint (252’ wide for two-story), allowing us to design oversize, wide-open spaces while maintaining structural integrity. Reliable low-maintenance materials hold up to generations of students, non-load-bearing walls can be safely reconfigured and our floor system makes it easy for schools to update technology, future-proofing every building.

How fast is fast?

Today’s schools need new facilities one of two ways—fast or faster. AMS offers turnkey options to meet immediate needs and a range of customizable options that offer greater design flexibility—all delivered 60% faster than conventional construction.

Rapid Response




Simpler now.

AMS handles everything, giving schools the convenience of working with one trusted partner, start to finish. Streamlined procurement and our precision build process control scheduling and costs to make building with us worry-free.

  • One- and two-story DSA Pre-Checks
  • Extensive design library
  • Curated material and finish options
  • Parallel construction

Smarter for the future.

AMS buildings are a smart investment, providing long-term value and the flexibility to grow and adapt to evolving needs. AMS builds to last, with reliable systems and durable materials that lower costs over the full building lifecycle.

  • Quality, eco-conscious construction
  • Low-maintenance materials
  • Scalable design
  • Expandable footprint
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