Our Vision

Making a difference through innovation and empowerment.
The AMS Core Four
An aspirational and unique roadmap for success.

What we believe in makes us who we are—a company committed to improving lives and enriching communities through the high-quality schools we build. From the beginning, we had a passion to create a company that would be innovative, empowering and enduring. We turned our passion into a roadmap we call The AMS Core Four. Our Core Four is living our values. It articulates our purpose, supports our vision, shapes our culture and guides our company confidently into the future.


Impactful. Adaptable. Dynamic.

We’re progressive thinkers and creative doers, disrupting the status quo by reimagining what a classroom can be and do. We’re continuously adapting, evolving and improving, elevating standards, not only for our buildings but for the way we build and the experiences we create. We’re at the intersection of innovation, technology and manufacturing, pushing the boundaries of creativity, developing new technologies and finding inventive solutions that impact lives in positive ways.

We’re continuously evolving and improving, raising standards for our buildings and our brands.


Inspiring. Purposeful. Passionate.

We believe a great environment can inspire students and teachers to do great things. We want our buildings to be unique, inspiring, safe spaces that empower students and teachers to explore, create, chase their dreams and achieve their full potential. We care deeply about what we build, but we have a higher purpose beyond building schools—a belief that our passion can drive others’ passion to build a better world.

We believe a great environment can empower students and teachers to do great things.


Quality. Service. Value.

We want to be exceptional. We’re uncompromising on quality, unsurpassed on service, provide the best value for the money and are committed to being the highest-quality, fastest-to-market modular classrooms available. We think quality classrooms should be accessible to all students, so we make a full range of options affordable for all schools. We treat others with respect and integrity, in every interaction and every product delivery.

We’re uncompromising on quality, unsurpassed on service and provide the best value for the money.


Collaborative. Authentic. Sustainable.

We’re a humanistic company that puts people first. We’re looking for genuine connections, ways to connect people to people, people to technology and people to the environment in ways that matter. We value relationships and know the best results come from sharing ideas and working together. We build buildings we believe in, responsible buildings that make a meaningful difference to people and the planet.

We build buildings we believe in, responsible buildings that connect people and the planet in positive ways.

Community Impact

Making a difference in our own hometowns.

We’re a California company with deep roots throughout our home state. We’re proud to be a vital part of our communities, enriching quality of life through the healthy schools we build and the opportunities we create. We partner with educators and businesses to bring communities together, make them stronger and help them grow. We support our schools with programs that empower students and teachers to dream and succeed. We build sustainably, protecting the local infrastructure and creating stewardship initiatives. It’s the embodiment of our shared vision: to leave California—and the world—better than we found it.

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