Two-Story Modular Schools

High-capacity space in a compact footprint.

Key Benefits

Twice the space for less.

Smaller Footprint
Building up instead of out maximizes a school’s site plan, accommodating more students and activities on a smaller plot of land.
Lower Cost Per SF
A compact footprint minimizes pricey elements, like foundation and roof, making a two-story building more cost-efficient.
Time-Saving DSA PC
AMS’ Two-Story Pre-Check (PC) includes an ADA-compliant elevator, accelerating permitting and approval.
Low-Maintenance Design
Our hybrid stucco system and aluminum windows and doors are durable and weather-resistant in all California climates.
Quiet Acoustics
AMS’ concrete-and-steel floor system provides greater acoustic isolation than a wood-framed two-story building.
Multi-Level Light
Increased surface area allows larger windows that work with skylights to bring layers of natural light into learning spaces.

Two Stories. Two Models.

model one

Exterior Corridor Model

The Exterior Corridor (EC) model is a traditional design with easy access to learning areas. Our DSA-approved PC expedites delivery, making the EC model the fastest-to-market two-story option for meeting critical needs.

model two

Interior Corridor Model

The Interior Corridor (IC) model is more contemporary and secure, making complex designs virtually indistinguishable from convention construction. The flexible design allows ceiling height up to 25’, with multipurpose space adaptable to need.

Compare Modules

Which two-story model is right for your project?

Key features make each model unique. Compare to see which works best for you.
Exterior Corridor
Interior Corridor
DSA Pre-Check (PC)
DSA Pre-Check /Pre-Engineered
Pre-Engineered (PE)
Outside, from courtyard or walkway
Classroom Entry
Outside, from courtyard or hallway
Open for convenient access
Controlled for tighter security
View windows and exterior doors
Outdoor Connection
View windows
Faster-to-market for critical needs
Speed of Delivery
Fast for planned needs

complete campus

Bringing buildings together.

AMS’ built-in flexibility allows schools to combine different building sizes and designs into an aesthetically cohesive, space-optimizing layout that creates a sense of community on a single campus.

Brands for All Needs

Two-Story Modular Classroom Brands

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