Gilroy High School

  • Location: Gilroy, CA
  • Type: 9-12
  • Scope: Modernization and Expansion
  • Completion Date: August 2018
"After extensively researching modular builders, AMS was the natural choice for our new math building. AMS’ reputation for delivering quality facilities at an affordable cost met our practical needs and their creative team approach gave us the flexibility to explore aesthetic options. The ability to adapt AMS’ DSA-approved designs to our unique vision expedited delivery of a beautiful two-story building that’s a source of pride for Gilroy High students."
Álvaro Meza
Assistant Superintendent, Business Services

Project Background

To accommodate growing demand for STEM classes and robust Math Department, the Gilroy Unified School District (GUSD) allocated bond funding to construct a new state-of-the-art mathematics building at Gilroy High School, a key component of a multi-year modernization plan. GUSD approached American Modular Systems (AMS) to design and build the new two-story structure, which adds 23,040 SF of collaborative learning/lab space in adjoining 180’x40’ and 108’x40’ wings—a space-efficient solution delivered quickly and economically to meet the school’s short- and long-term needs. Designed in partnership with LPA Architects, the L-shaped building features 20 large, open classrooms, along with student/staff restrooms, storage areas and a concession space abutting the athletic fields. To integrate indoor/outdoor learning, both wings flow into a landscaped central quad with ample room for outdoor instruction, student congregation and study.

The building design respects the diversity of the 40-year-old campus, showcasing a blended aesthetic that ties in with existing buildings while updating the campus with modern architectural details. AMS incorporated a mansard roofline into the two-story modular design to match the traditional mansard rooflines on the school’s older buildings and installed wood stair canopies supported by concrete pillars, a custom feature that echoes the adjacent alpine-style student center. The durable stucco exterior, metal door hardware, galvanized finishes and easy-care interior surfaces are low-maintenance, chosen to provide cost savings over the building’s long lifecycle. Large windows fill classrooms with natural light and covered pedestrian walkways provide year-round weather protection while helping cool the building during hot months—energy-saving features that also enhance student comfort and productivity.