AMS 2GO is a practical solution for the budget buyer.

Better on a budget.

AMS 2GO is an economical option for schools looking for a shorter-term solution. Built responsibly with quality materials, AMS 2GO’s simplified, relocatable design meets functional requirements quickly and reliably.


Quality buildings at a lower cost.

Turnkey Delivery
A code-compliant building can be delivered in as little as 60 days after plan approval to meet immediate or temporary needs.
Convenient and Easy
Pre-set features and DSA pre-approved designs streamline procurement for a simple buy-and-build experience.
A site-built wood foundation allows the building to remain in place or be transported for use in multiple locations.
Affordable for Schools
Our lowest-cost configuration makes quality learning space a more affordable option for California schools.
AMS 2GO Features

Budget-friendly and student-friendly in one ready-to-build design.

2GO building
Wood Foundation and Floors
The wood foundation is quickly constructed with minimal site disruption and is easily deconstructed for removal. Wood subflooring is cost-effective for a building designed for shorter-term use.
8’6” Ceiling
Floorplans are well-proportioned with a standard ceiling height of 8’6”.
12’ ADA Ramp
AMS 2GO’s 12’ ramp meets ADA standards for pedestrian access. It’s safe and stable, with a slip-resistant surface and metal handrails that withstand the elements and hold up to heavy use.
T1-11 Wood Siding
T1-11 wood siding is highly functional and durable, engineered to wear well over the building’s lifecycle. Its natural, finished look can be customized to blend with existing buildings.
All-Steel Moment Frame
Our all-steel moment frame is structurally stronger than wood-framed construction and is engineered for California’s strictest seismic zones, providing the strength and durability required for schools.
Metal Roof
AMS 2GO has a monoslope galvanized metal roof with an open soffit and a deep front overhang for year-round weather protection.
Aluminum View Window
A slim-profile front window maximizes glass to bring sunlight and views into each classroom. The ability to add windows in the same basic configuration is available as an upgrade.
Customized Color Scheme
A two-color palette allows schools to personalize each building with different color combinations for exterior walls and trim/door. Schools can add colors or create a custom palette as an upgrade.
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