Sol Aureus College Preparatory

Sacramento, CA

Project Overview

AMS 2GO blends high quality, low cost and fast delivery is one efficient space.

S.A.C. Prep needed to expand facilities on a tight schedule and budget, making AMS 2GO an economical solution for the growing charter school. AMS personalized a DSA pre-approved design to accelerate procurement, delivering the building on a summer schedule to avoid disruption on an occupied campus. While fast delivery was a priority, it was equally important that the building be quality construction, providing a comfortable, stimulating space for the school’s K-8 students. The relocatable building system is designed for optimum flexibility, with a large, open workspace supporting a mix of learning activities and instructional methods. The exterior complements existing buildings, maintaining the community feel the school cultivates.      

  • 12’ ADA-compliant ramp with handrails provides easy access
  • Custom two-tone palette ties the building into the established campus   
  • Freestanding restroom building has separate boys and girls facilities
Sol Aureus College Preparatory
1,920 SF
Project Scope
1 relocatable K-8 building, 2 classrooms + restrooms
Completed Summer 2019
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