GEN7 is a sustainable solution for the progressive buyer.

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Healthy schools, delivered.

GEN7 classrooms bring state-of-the-art sustainability to California schools, promoting health, productivity and academic success in a high-quality learning environment that sets a new standard for energy-efficiency.

key benefits

The ideal classroom for 21st century learning.

Lower Energy Costs
Smart design and efficient systems reduce energy use by up to 70%, recouping the initial Investment through lower operating costs.
Healthy and Productive
GEN7’s safe, comfortable environment has a positive impact on productivity and well-being. Sick days go down; test scores go up.
Hands-On Teaching Tool
GEN7 classrooms teach by example, showing students the value of conserving resources while inspiring real-life problem-solving.
GEN7’s future-proof design is solar- ready, ZNE-capable and adaptable to evolving needs, performing responsibly over a 50-year lifecycle.
GEN7 Features

Designed for learning. Engineered for savings.

Superior Indoor Air Quality
A natural ventilation system continuously circulates 100% fresh, filtered air throughout each classroom. Safe, low-VOC materials and real-time air quality monitoring ensure clean air at all times.
High ceilings, large low-E view windows and Solatubes make natural light the classroom’s primary light source, creating bright, airy, inviting spaces.
Premium Acoustics
Proprietary ceiling design, acoustical finishes and ultra-quiet mechanical systems create a whisper-quiet environment that is 50% quieter than the average classroom.
Thermal Comfort
Ultra-efficient HVAC with Climate Management System controls temperature and humidity with precise accuracy to ensure occupant comfort throughout the year.
Durable, Low-Maintenance Materials
The all-steel moment frame structural system with 5” concrete foundation is engineered for California’s strictest seismic zones, providing the strength and durability required for high performance schools.
Infrastructure for Connected Learning
Gen7 enables collaborative learning with always-on connectivity that scales to meet the growing demands of 21st century learning.
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A sustainable product solution for 21st century learning.
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