Rolling Hills Middle School

Los Gatos, CA

Project Overview

Solar-ready GEN7 is energy-efficient now, energy-independent later.

To meet the challenge of building a new facility in just a year, CUSD opted for modular construction, partnering with AMS to fast-track a two-story classroom building that can be upgraded to achieve the District’s goal of Zero Net Energy. The modern L-shaped building is healthy and energy-efficient, with oversize windows and glass doors that maximize daylighting and high-efficiency HVAC systems that circulate filtered air throughout two levels of adaptable space—both critical to a ZNE strategy. GEN7’s Exterior Corridor design optimizes student flow, offering convenient access to classrooms and the adjoining courtyard. The bump-out elevator tower was moved from the front of the building to the rear exterior wall, creating a sleeker façade.

  • Solar-ready design is pre-engineered to support future PV panels
  • Covered pedestrian walkways provide shading and weather protection
  • Custom architectural elements add color and character to front façade
Campbell Union School District
12,096 SF
Project Scope
1 two-story 5-8 modular building, 9 classrooms, restrooms + admin space
Completed August 2018
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