Portable and Temporary Classrooms

Budget-friendly spaces for shorter-term needs.


Lower cost doesn’t mean lower quality with AMS 2GO.

AMS 2GO portable buildings are a practical solution for meeting immediate or temporary needs. Built responsibly with quality materials and reliable systems, AMS 2GO is a significant upgrade over portables of the past, providing decades of use at an affordable cost. An adaptable floorplan, natural light, clean air, interior comfort and outdoor views make safe, healthy learning the standard in every AMS 2GO building.


Portable Classrooms vs. Permanent Modular Classrooms

All AMS buildings are precision-built the same way, whether intended for temporary or permanent use. Different foundations, features and finishes affect build-time, cost and ease of procurement.
AMS 2GO Portable Classrooms
AMS Permanent Modular Classrooms
Fastest, lowest-cost option for a quality, multifunctional building
More features, greater flexibility and superior performance over time
Wood foundation for portability
Concrete foundation for permanence
Minimal sitework; fast installation
Site Prep
Excavation, grading, concrete pour
Lower upfront cost
Lower lifecycle cost
As little as 60 days after contract
90+ days after DSA approval
Turnkey design with pre-set features
Large library of flexible designs
Interior customization of space + option to customize exterior colors
Full range of options from turnkey to fully customizable, inside and out

Buildings for All Needs

AMS 2GO Portable Classroom
AMS FORM Permanent Modular Classrooms*

Front Overhang

Open Soffit

No Fascia

8’6″ Ceiling

Metal Door

T1-11 Wood Siding

Wood Foundation; 12′ ADA Ramp

Front Overhang

Enclosed Soffit (DuraTemp)

Wood Fascia

Raised 9′ Ceiling

Metal Door

T1-11 Cement Siding

Concrete on-grade foundation

*Base Model

Need it fast?

AMS 2GO portable classrooms can be designed and delivered in 60 days.

AMS 2GO is an economical option for schools looking for a shorter-term solution. Built responsibly with quality materials, AMS 2GO’s simplified, relocatable design meets functional requirements quickly and reliably.

  • Classrooms
  • Childcare
  • Medical Labs and Clinics
  • Foodservice
  • Office and Admin Space
  • Restrooms
  • Storage
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