Green Schools Sustainability

Our affordable, green schools, classrooms and buildings will save your school time, money and valuable resources.

Modular construction in inherently more sustainable—and cost-effective—than conventional construction. Precision manufacturing not only ensures cleaner construction and superior quality control, it minimizes waste and enables AMS to meet your critical needs efficiently on an accelerated timeline.

Many modular manufacturers have introduced green concept buildings, but AMS is one of the few companies to offer proven green design and construction experience. AMS has completed a variety of both LEED® Certified and CHPS® Verified projects throughout California. Whether you’re looking for custom construction or a turnkey solution, our experience minimizes your risk, ensuring that you meet your sustainability goals.

green schools

Fox Elementary School has been approved for the HPI Grant through CHPS and DSA.

More Ways to Save

AMS has helped school districts across California qualify for the High Performance Incentive (HPI) Grant, offered through CHPS and the Division of the State Architect (DSA). The HPI Grant is available for projects utilizing the 2009 CA–CHPS Criteria. Contact us today to learn how we can help you earn up to $250,000 toward a more sustainable, energy-efficient school.

Our permanent, eco-friendly modular classrooms provide a sustainable alternative to portable, relocatable and temporary schools, classrooms and buildings.