AMS EVOLVE is a premium solution for the custom buyer.


Making visionary a reality.

AMS EVOLVE is design without limitations, allowing AMS to collaborate with architects to deliver an exceptional quality, one-of-a-kind building completely customized to a client’s singular vision and values.

key benefits

Your project, your way.

Delivers the Wow Factor
Our collaborative design-build process pushes the envelope to create innovative designs that exceed every expectation.
Same as Stick-Built
The finished building is visibly and structurally indistinguishable from site-built construction, but can be delivered 60% faster.
High-End Customization
Product flexibility extends beyond DSA PC parameters, allowing a pre-engineered building to be fully customized.
An Experienced Partner
AMS’ proven process and delivery method provide a clear plan for successfully completing large-scale, complex projects.
Anything is possible. Everything is custom.

Many high-end buildings start out as a conventional design. AMS works with architects to deliver the same design for less by modularizing the conventional plan to exact specifications, saving time and money without compromising a client’s vision. An extremely flexible architectural design gives each EVOLVE building an original look with its own unique style and features. Buildings can be one- or two-stories, have enclosed corridors or a custom roof design—just like site-built. The possibilities are endless with EVOLVE.

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A sustainable solution for the value buyer.
A premium brand solution for the custom buyer.
A flexible brand solution for the value buyer.
A practical brand solution for the budget buyer.
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