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Why students love learning in our buildings.

Engaging modern learners means creating an environment that cultivates 21st century skills. AMS buildings fit the way students learn today, with flexibility for tomorrow. Spaces are large, light and integrative, linked in a fluid environment adaptable for multiple uses throughout the day. Students are connected—to each other, the outdoors and technology, either 1:1 or networked for multimodal learning.

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Collaborative Environment
Interconnected, free-flowing spaces provide an environment for social learning, encouraging students to move about freely and come together to share, collaborate and create.
Integrated Technology
AMS provides the infrastructure for technology-enabled learning, with interactive features and wireless connectivity for indoor-outdoor data sharing through multiple devices.
Dynamic Space
AMS buildings maximize utility, with an open floorplan and flexible design features that make it easy to purposefully engage space for a variety of learning activities.
Health and Well-Being
Natural light, quiet acoustics, continuous ventilation and healthy indoor air quality make AMS buildings safe, comfortable spaces for active learning.
What students and teachers are saying about AMS buildings.
“The school’s favorite part is crane day.”
There is empowerment in the whole community feeling connected to the process of replacing or expanding learning spaces. It creates a sense of ownership and builds lasting relationships.







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