Brentwood School

Los Angeles, CA

Project Overview

Renewable energy is a smart solution for L.A.’s Brentwood School.

Brentwood School is committed to making sustainability a way of life for students. The GEN7 classrooms at the school’s Academic Village are LEED Gold-certified, combining the latest technology with renewable energy to conserve power and lower the school’s environmental footprint. An ultra-tight building envelope, occupancy and light sensors, natural ventilation, large low-E view windows and Solatubes are all integral to the highly sustainable design. Roof-mounted solar panels generate enough energy to cover 100% of each classroom’s annual electricity needs, helping the building achieve Zero Net Energy—an efficiency that not only delivers ongoing savings, but will help pay back the building’s cost over its 50-year lifecycle.

  • GEN7 Academic Village is L.A.’s first Zero Net Energy school building
  • Solar-powered design reduces annual energy consumption by 70%
  • Energy Management System monitors and controls energy use in real-time
Brentwood School
3,840 SF
Project Scope
1 single-story ZNE building, 4 classrooms
Completed December 2011
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