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New Hires Position AMS for Sustained Growth

The year is off to an exciting start as we continue to add new AMS team members and optimize our field team to grow our business and promote a dynamic culture that better serves clients and communities throughout California.

Investing in the growth of our company is an investment in the growth of our communities and schools—something all of us at AMS are committed to doing.

Last year, we kicked off our bold vision for the future by expanding our presence throughout California. We opened our new Southern California office in Temecula, renovated and enlarged our main office in Manteca and expanded our design and engineering team to continue to drive design innovation. We expanded our workforce in both offices, broadening capabilities in every facet of our business.

In 2024, we complete our sales team with the hiring of a new business development manager who’ll work with clients in Northern California. With his hiring, our field team is positioned to be as agile and responsive as possible, providing a full range of services to help our clients and communities adapt and innovate to meet new and evolving needs.

Growth for the good of all is dynamic, and we’re excited about the opportunities these changes create. It starts with people, so we hope you’ll join us in welcoming our two newest sales team members.

Meet Our Newest Team Members: Hylton and Magaly!

Expanding our sales team strengthens the level of in-market support AMS can offer clients, partners and communities across the state. We’re glad to have Hylton and Magaly on our team and look forward to the experience and insight they bring.

If you haven’t met them, here’s an introduction.

Hylton Mockler joined AMS in March from Plant Prefab, where he was Business Development Manager, a position he also held at PreFab Logic, a modular construction consulting firm. He brings more than two decades of high-level experience in business development, client support and process optimization in the construction field. As AMS’ newest Business Development Manager, Hylton will work out of the AMS main office in Manteca, where he’ll help manage delivery of optimized modular solutions for a variety of Northern California projects. 

Magaly Gutierrez joined AMS in 2023 and works out of our SoCal office, where she manages both small- and large-scale projects as Business Development Manager for Orange County and coastal Northern California. She started her career at Silver Creek Industries and has almost a decade of experience in modular school construction, specializing in business development and client support. Her established relationships in both Northern and Southern California and her extensive knowledge of modular school construction make Maggie a valuable resource for our SoCal clients and partners.

Hylton and Magaly bring a fresh perspective to a veteran AMS sales team—something AMS VP of Operations Tony Sarich says reflects the company’s commitment to providing innovation leadership while deepening the level of outreach and support statewide.

“Hylton and Maggie are already making an impact, in our company and in the community. Their dedication to client success is an asset to our project teams. Our clients and partners can be confident that Hylton’s and Maggie’s expertise will bring immeasurable value to their projects, helping find creative, cost-effective solutions to deliver a district’s unique vision.”

The Value of People

It’s an exciting time for modular construction. The industry is not only growing; it’s growing in new ways—ways that reflect the changing landscape of our communities and our state.

At AMS, we’re proud to be leading the way.  The ability to create innovative, high-quality buildings faster and more affordably is an important driver of this growth, but our value, as a modular manufacturer and a company, goes beyond the time and cost savings we provide. Our people have always been our greatest asset, bringing experience, insight and exceptional service to every interaction.

In today’s digital world where people can communicate in more ways, through more channels, than ever before, we still believe that personal connections are the way to build strong, lasting relationships, with our clients and in our communities.

No matter how much the world has changed and moved forward, business still comes down to the fundamental importance of integrity, trust and a human connection that can’t be duplicated. And that comes down to people—those who’ve been with AMS for decades and those who’re just joining our AMS team.

Our people bring value to every project, partnering with you to nurture your vision and transform it into buildings that enrich learning and lives—buildings that bring positive change to our communities. The passion to build better schools creates a better future… for those who are the future.

That’s why we do business. And why people like doing business with us.

Partner With Us

Finding the right building solution starts with finding the right partner. AMS has a full-service sales team working out of two offices, conveniently located to serve communities in all regions of the state.

AMS Main Office

787 Spreckels Ave.

Manteca, CA 95336


AMS SoCal Office

27440 Via Industria

Temecula, CA 92590


Ready to build… or just want to learn more? Whatever you need, we’re ready to help!

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