San Benito High School Athletic Facilities

  • Location: San Benito High School District / Hollister, CA
  • Type: Athletic Facilities
  • Scope: New Construction
  • Completion Date: August 2019

Project Background

Voter-approved Measure U funds greenlit construction of new NCAA-caliber athletic fields and facilities at San Benito High, a school with a long tradition of preparing student-athletes to compete in college sports. Five new modular buildings constructed by American Modular Systems (AMS) provide 10,560 square feet of state-of-the-art support space for multiple sports. Two new aquatic center buildings house a locker room for athletes and multi-user restrooms for the public. New football facilities include home and visitor side restroom buildings and an L-shaped locker room building that connects separate football and track & field wings with a striking California roof. All three locker rooms are multifunctional, combining interior and exterior showers, restrooms, dressing areas, office space and storage in a space-efficient design. Every building is custom-configured for utility and comfort, creating easy access and a good flow that allows multiple people to use the space at the same time.

Integrating five highly custom buildings with site-built facilities presented unique challenges, requiring teamwork and careful coordination with site contractors to ensure successful delivery of a complex project. Because the facilities are high-use, durability and longevity were design priorities, with materials and finishes carefully selected for health, safety and ease of maintenance. Stucco exteriors and no-paint interiors require minimal upkeep, lowering lifecycle costs while offering a clean, modern aesthetic. Epoxy and concrete floors provide a safe, cleanable surface that holds up to heavy traffic and performs well wet. Stainless steel fixtures are rust-resistant and tolerate heavy cleaning, as do ceramic tile walls that personalize the space in school colors of red and white. Custom privacy windows and Solatubes fill each building with natural light, a cost-saving strategy that reduces the need for electric lights. Efficient ventilation keeps air flowing—critical to providing a clean-air environment free from mold and mildew.