Ione Junior High School

Ione, CA

Project Overview

Mixing modular and site-build adds a high-end look and low-end budget.

Ione Junior High needed more space and a major facelift. To update the historic campus for 21st century learning, AMS added a two-story modular building with modern classrooms and a traditional façade that complements the campus’ restored Gold Rush-era buildings. Working with a tight site, AMS integrated the new exterior corridor classroom building with a central red brick multipurpose building, conventionally built onsite. Coordinating color palettes and repeating elements—like matching the modular building’s cream-colored stucco to stucco bands on the site-built building—present a unified front. The completed building is unique, successfully blending modular and conventional, modern and historical, to deliver a custom look on a modest budget.        

  • Large, open classrooms add flexible space for collaborative learning   
  • Doors and railings are painted brick red, echoing the center building
  • Door windows bring extra light and outdoor views into classrooms 
Amador County Unified School District
14,400 SF
Project Scope
1 two-story 6-8 modular building, 13 classrooms (4 science) + restrooms
Completed 2008
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