Franklin D. Roosevelt K-8

Daly City, CA

Project Overview

FDR’s site-optimized design maximizes safety, sunlight and coastline views.

Nestled along the Pacific coast, FDR offers breathtaking views but its proximity to the San Andreas Fault made occupant safety and health top design priorities for expansion of the K-8 campus. Partnering with the District and its geotechnical engineers, AMS created a cutting-edge 130×32 permanent modular building customized for the unique site and the District’s long-term needs. AMS modified the building foundation to enhance structural integrity, working within our GEN7 PC to expedite DSA approval. To conserve energy, AMS installed a high-efficiency gas furnace without air conditioning—a cost-saving option tailored to the mild coastal climate. Easy outdoor access and large low-E view windows increase comfort and energy-efficiency, filling classrooms with natural light and fresh air year-round.

  • Spacious, open classrooms adapt to different types of programming
  • Low-VOC materials and MERV 16 air filters keep indoor air safe and clean
  • A connection to the environment enhances productivity and well-being
Jefferson Elementary School District
4,160 SF
Project Scope
Custom single-story classroom building, 4 classrooms + boy/girl/staff restrooms
Spring 2021
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