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GEN7 Classrooms Bring Technology of Tomorrow to Central Coast New Tech High

Nipomo, CA, May 9, 2012 – GEN7 ultra-green classrooms will arrive at Central Coast New Tech High School on Thursday, bringing an innovative approach to sustainability and education to students in the Lucia Mar School District. Designed to pursue LEED Silver certification, the state-of-the-art classrooms will provide a new wing of permanent, high-performance learning space, plus an eco-friendly restroom building. Delivered 90% complete, the GEN7s will be installed onsite in just one day and ready for occupancy on August 16, 2012.

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GEN7’s adaptable modular design was a cost-effective solution for Central Coast New Tech High, one of 12 California schools in the New Tech Network. The oversized 40×40 classrooms are designed to support the school’s project-based curriculum, as well as room for two classes to allow for interdisciplinary instruction with two classroom teachers.

“GEN7 classrooms give kids an innovative context for learning,” said Jim Hogeboom, Superintendent, Lucia Mar Unified School District. “Students not only will learn in these high-tech classrooms, they will also learn from the building itself, helping them to apply sustainability practices to the real world and effectively use the resources around them to solve environmental challenges and succeed in the 21st century global economy.”

Students not only will learn in these high-tech classrooms, they will also learn from the building itself.

GEN7 mirrors New Tech’s model for educational innovation and excellence, combining recycled materials with the latest smart technology to create a healthy, comfortable and energy-efficient place to learn. Each classroom features high-efficiency systems, large low-E view windows, skylights and a dedicated outdoor ventilation system that circulates 100% fresh, filtered air. The improved air quality, whisper-quiet acoustics and abundant natural light have been shown to boost student productivity and performance, while reducing illness and absenteeism among students and teachers.

It all adds up to ongoing savings that help GEN7 recoup its costs over time, while serving as a hands-on teaching tool that gives students a valuable lesson in the benefits of environmental stewardship.

“A 21st Century environment enhances 21st Century learning,” said Erin Inglish, Sustainability Coordinator for LMUSD. “GEN7’s sustainable materials, superior air quality and optimized energy performance will allow LMUSD to do more than create a new kind of classroom; it offers a better, more cost-effective, more progressive educational space for our students.”

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