Childcare/Early Education

Child-safe space that enriches learning.
Early Learning Environments
Setting children up for success.

High-quality early learning has a lifelong impact on a young child’s future. Where children learn can impact their readiness for kindergarten, their likelihood of graduating from high school or attending college, even their adult earning potential. AMS helps schools create a comfortable, nurturing space where young children feel safe and supported, space that adapts for different age groups and activities, like play, reading, games and academic engagement—all critical to a child’s growth and advancement.

Age-appropriate space from cradle to kindergarten

Children thrive in environments designed to encourage creativity and cultivate their social, emotional and academic development. AMS classrooms age up, giving children space to have fun, learn and grow to their fullest potential.

  • Infant Care
  • Daycare
  • Preschool
  • Transitional Kindergarten (TK)
  • Kindergarten
  • Afterschool Care


Modular floorplans to fit your needs.

AMS floorplans efficiently meet multiple needs. Learning centers align with specialty spaces to optimize utility and value, blending individualized attention and group activities in designs that reflect curriculum and care needs.

  • Kitchen and Food Prep Areas
  • Office/Admin Space
  • Nurse’s or Therapy Room
  • Custodial/Utility Closet
  • Shared Workrooms Between Classrooms
  • Restroom Access from Play Area
Affordable options make any space your space.

AMS designs spaces that maximize the positive impact of a child’s physical environment. Our goal is your goal: to make the best choices for your budget to provide the best care for young children. We help you select features and finishes that match your priorities, delivering the look you want, the functionality you need and the best value for your investment.

Standard Classroom

AMS standard designs can be customized to deliver the right balance of function, aesthetics and cost. All designs are code-compliant, with spacious, open classrooms featuring large windows that bring in natural light and outdoor views. MERV 13+ filters ensure fresh, clean air for healthy learning year-round.

In-room Sink with Cabinet
Wall-Mounted Markerboards
Tackable Wallcoverings
Carpet/VCT Flooring

Storage and Supervision

AMS offers options to help teachers manage the everyday challenges of keeping classrooms organized and monitoring children while giving them the freedom to move around. Storage solutions can be added to any learning space, along with child safety features that enhance sightlines for active supervision.

Student Cubbies and/or Hooks
Custom Architectural Casework
Sliding Markerboards w/Storage
Restroom Dutch Door
Door Viewlites to Playground

Fixtures and Finishes

Well-designed childcare environments are supportive, clean and comfortable, with safe, durable finishes that hold up to daily use and fixtures that help children manage tasks independently. AMS offers a variety of low-maintenance, high-value options in styles and colors that express your design preferences.

Automatic Faucets
Epoxy Restroom Floors
Tile Backsplash in Kitchen
Tile Walls/Floor in Restroom
Corian Countertops
Building solutions
The right space right when you need it.

AMS accelerated modular delivery can shorten construction schedules by months, giving you a full range of solutions for custom designing new facilities and getting them up and running in as little as 30-60 days.

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