Tumbleweed Dual Immersion ECE

Palmdale, CA

Project Overview

GEN7’s solar-ready design supports Palmdale’s clean energy initiative.

The Palmdale School District had a unique vision: to create a state-of-the-art, energy-independent facility to house a preschool bilingual learning program on the Tumbleweed Elementary School campus. To turn vision into reality, AMS installed a 120×40 GEN7 building that integrates solar panels on the front shade overhang—an energy-generating solution that works with the building’s high-efficiency systems to keep interiors comfortable during the High Desert’s wide temperature swings. Large windows and Solatube skylights make daylighting the primary light source, supplemented by sensor-controlled LED lighting for learning and play areas, when needed. Premium acoustics absorb sound, reducing distractions so learning, activity and quiet areas can operate effectively in a single building.

  • 10kW PV panels generate energy year-round, lowering electrical costs
  • Natural ventilation allows continuous circulation of fresh, filtered air
  • Direct courtyard access provides supervised indoor/outdoor learning  
Palmdale School District
4,800 SF
Project Scope
1 Gen7 single-story ECE building, 4 pre-K classrooms + restrooms
Completed March 2019
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