How We Build- Modular Classroom Construction

There’s a reason AMS is California’s leading modular manufacturer—and it starts with our precision-manufacturing process.

Every AMS modular building is built with pride and expertise using a production process that has been fine-tuned over the past 30 years. We work closely with our clients from concept to completion, custom tailoring each building to a client’s exact specifications. Our comprehensive approach allows us to manage projects effectively, overseeing every step, from design, scheduling and quality control to satisfactory delivery of the finished product. Our hands-on involvement not only helps us build a better building, it helps us build better, long-lasting relationships with our clients.

Providing a high-quality, cost-effective, permanent alternative to temporary and relocatable modular schools.

Design and Engineering

AMS offers thousands of versatile floor plans, giving clients endless possibilities. Our experienced design team can work with clients to customize any plan to achieve the desired functionality or level of performance. DSA Pre-Check approval and piggyback contracts streamline the procurement process, cutting months of construction time, while substantially reducing project costs.


Construction takes place within AMS’ climate-controlled 300,000-square-foot factory, maintaining the integrity of our high-quality building materials and preventing costly weather delays. Parallel construction scheduling expedites delivery, while automated assembly ensures greater quality control and easier installation. Every detail from framing to flooring to final paint is inspected at the factory, guaranteeing a superior end product.


Because our structures are delivered 90% complete, jobsite disruption and environmental impact are minimized and construction time can be cut up to 60%.Our unique, proprietary transportation process ensures rapid, on-time delivery and prompt removal of debris when the job is done.


AMS structures are craned into place and installed the same day by our experienced technicians, who are extensively trained to assure a flawless installation. Once installed, the flexible design of AMS modular buildings integrate seamlessly with surrounding structures or the architectural vision of the local community.


Our skilled finish crew handles final refinements, like the installation of joint-concealing panels and utility connections, at the job site, verifying that all systems are operating properly before leaving.

Service and Support

Our job doesn’t end when the building is finished. We provide staff training with every AMS modular building. We stand behind our work offering a high-quality alternative to temporary and relocatable schools with a comprehensive warranty package. Call us, and we’ll promptly deploy our skilled field team—not a subcontractor—to address anything that requires attention. Our goal is your complete satisfaction.