Gen7 Schools- Permanent Modular School Buildings

State-of-the-art, permanent modular school buildings and classrooms that empower communities to create healthy, sustainable learning environments that will benefit students and educators for generations to come.

The quality of educators and a school’s curriculum greatly influence student performance, but the quality of the school facility—where students learn—is often overlooked. That’s why AMS launched Gen7 Schools in 2009.

Gen7 classrooms have transformed the way schools are built, combining the speed and efficiency of modular construction with the custom look and longevity of conventional buildings. Because Gen7 classrooms are modular, they can be built, installed and ready for students in just 90 days. And every Gen7 is constructed to meet the most stringent green school standards, blending the cleanest materials and the latest technology to provide a complete sustainable solution. Promoting the design and construction of new green schools benefits both people and the planet, impacting student health, school operating costs and the environment in significant and positive ways.

permanent modular school buildings

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High Performance, Low Maintenance

Gen7 is a cost-effective approach to green, offering an innovative set of features that match exceptional quality with measurable performance.

  • Unsurpassed Energy Efficiency
  • Superior Indoor Air Quality
  • Abundant Natural Light
  • Premium Acoustics
  • Thermal Comfort
  • Responsible Materials