AMS: Next-Gen Schools for a Changing World

AMS: Next-Gen Schools for a Changing World

American Modular Systems is transforming modular school design from the inside out.

The needs of California schools are continuously evolving — but how can schools bridge the gap between what students and teachers need and what school districts can afford?

At American Modular Systems, we’re redefining what a modern classroom can be and what modular construction can do. From transformative technology to sustainable delivery, we’re at the forefront of affordable, modern, modular school design. Our buildings can be configured to fit any school’s budget, needs and timeline, with the ability to expand and adapt as needs evolve.

Download our overview brochure to explore:

  • Details about our range of turnkey to design-build products
  • How our buildings benefit school districts, students, teachers, and others
  • Background information on our commitment to sustainability

You can also use the brand match chart at the end of the brochure to see which of our building products is right for the goals of your project.