Newhall Elementary School

  • Location: Newhall, CA
  • Type: Elementary School
  • Scope: Modernization and Expansion
“Going with a two-story structure allowed us to maximize square footage in a smaller footprint—a smart choice on an established campus like Newhall. Choosing permanent modular construction saved us time and money, and we were able to include high performance improvements that will add even more value long-term.”
Ronna Wolcott
Assistant Superintendent of Business Services, Newhall School District

Project Background

As part of a decade-long modernization plan, the Newhall School District dedicated voter-approved Measure E funds to replacing outdated portables with 16 permanent classrooms and restroom facilities at Newhall Elementary. Teaming with the District, Lundgren Builders, NAC Architects and American Modular Systems (AMS) came up with a unique design approach—a pair of two-story prefabricated buildings connected by a skywalk. The stucco facade features horizontal and vertical aluminum reveal trim to replicate the architectural detail of the 1950s Newhall School auditorium, renovated as a community performing arts center. The distinctive melding of contemporary and retro design elements captures Newhall’s dual commitment to modernization and historic preservation.

The District’s intent was to upgrade building materials and systems for greater energy efficiency and submit the project to the High Performance Incentive (HPI) Program. AMS installed high SEER HVAC systems, designed the roof structure to support future PV panels and upgraded wall and ceiling insulation, window glazing, roofing and acoustics, in addition to installing sunshades on the rear windows. Tubular skylights increase daylighting upstairs, working with auto-dimming LEDs to optimize lighting. Wireless access and interactive Smart boards create a technology-rich learning—and teaching—environment. As a finishing touch, AMS built pathways for CAT 6A and fiber optic cables into the skywalk between the two buildings, which also share exterior LED lights and a main riser for the fire sprinklers—cost-saving solutions that enhance safety and security.