Portable Modular Buildings Process

At AMS we use precision-manufacturing to provide high quality, permanent modular schools —an affordable alternative to portable, relocatable and temporary schools.

Quality construction is a process, the right mix of materials and methods innovatively combined by people committed to producing a quality and cost-effective product. AMS’ innovative precision-manufacturing process has been proven and perfected over decades of use, streamlining costs and allowing a superior quality building to be designed, built and installed in as little as 60 days—a tremendous advantage for budget-minded clients with critical needs and tight timelines.


Our Factory

Quality control starts at our state-of-the-art AMS factory, the largest in the West. Two separate manufacturing facilities span nearly 40 acres, providing more than 300,000 square-feet of enclosed space. Every AMS structure is constructed on our factory floor, using progressive technology that produces a precision product in a timely manner, during even the most adverse weather conditions. Our onsite automated processing equipment can ensure a 1/10th of one-inch repeatability and tolerance, allowing us to build to exact specifications year-round. Purchasing direct from the manufacturer gives customers greater value, ensuring higher quality and efficiency at a lower cost.

Our Materials

Every component affects the quality of the end product. That’s why AMS uses only the finest quality materials, ethically sourced and responsibly delivered. To maximize our buying power, we buy in large quantities, purchasing regionally harvested materials whenever possible. We stockpile materials in our warehouses, ensuring immediate availability for order fulfillment and preventing mold, mildew and other contamination that can occur at the job site. The result is a better finished product, a lower cost and less environmental impact.

Our People

The quality of our people sets AMS apart. Every aspect of construction is handled in-house by a team of veteran tradesmen, long-term AMS employees with solid skills and craftsmanship perfected over years of experience. Certified experts and inspectors work with our trained personnel to ensure that every AMS building adheres to all applicable codes, approved plans and good building practices. Our experience extends beyond the factory to our site teams, highly skilled field workers who ensure a fast and seamless installation. While other companies use subcontractors, AMS relies on our well-trained team, people who take pride in doing their best work and complete every project to customer satisfaction.

Our Commitment

Our aggressive quality assurance efforts ensure that each AMS building meets the highest standards—yours and ours. Our best practices approach delivers the greatest environmental and social benefits through source control, significantly reducing the total waste generated via efficient ordering, material reuse and precision construction. Leftover materials—which are minimal—are recycled at the factory, diverting 90% of our construction waste from landfills. And less time at the job site means less disruption and less onsite energy demand, reducing the environmental footprint of every AMS building.

From Design to Done in 90 Days

From Design to Done in 90 Days

Time Saving | 6X FASTER

While conventional construction can take a
year or more, AMS modular buildings are pre-engineered, allowing delivery in just a few months. Our parallel process saves time, scheduling off-site construction simultaneously with foundation and site work. And innovative modular manufacturing has quality control built-in, reliably meeting even the tightest turnaround
on schedule.

Cost Savings | 30% LESS

Streamlined procurement and accelerated production reduce our labor costs, allowing us to offer higher quality at a lower price. We reduce material costs by buying in bulk and negotiating pricing throughout the supply chain. Daylighting and high-efficiency systems offset energy costs at the factory, lowering our overhead and passing savings straight to the bottom line.