Our experienced team of professionals are happy to answers any questions you may have. Or check below for the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

How is modular construction different from conventional construction?

Modular construction accelerates the construction process by manufacturing and assembling a building in a factory-controlled environment, then delivering it to the job site for installation.

What are the benefits of modular construction?

Time is money, and modular construction saves both. AMS can quickly construct and install buildings during the summer months, cutting onsite construction time as much as 60%. We purchase in bulk, lowering material costs, and deliver buildings 90% complete, lowering labor costs. We pass these savings along to you.

How much money can I save by installing an AMS modular classroom?

AMS buildings start at about 30% less than a conventionally-built structure with similar features. Please contact us for pricing options.

Are AMS modular buildings customizable?

Yes. AMS can work with your design team to integrate a compatible, complementary design for any project.

How long will it take to build my AMS classrooms?

Installation can take as little as a day. Many structures are ready for use the day they’re delivered. Larger installations may require a few days or a few weeks onsite.

How are AMS buildings delivered?

AMS designed and built special transporters to deliver our custom-sized AMS structures to the job site.

Can AMS incorporate restrooms and other plumbing needs?

Yes. An almost unlimited number of options are available.

Does AMS have a DSA pre-approved PC?

Yes. AMS has many DSA pre-approved PCs and multiple piggyback contracts to expedite the procurement process.

Do AMS modular buildings meet ADA and other requirements?

Yes. Fire, life and safety are of paramount importance to AMS. Our buildings meet and often exceed the same building and fire safety codes as conventional construction.

What are the advantages of an AMS Gen7 classroom?

Gen7 is a turnkey sustainable classroom solution. Gen7 classrooms incorporate the greenest products and materials available, including low- and zero-VOC materials and finishes, 100% recycled insulation, high-recycled content steel and energy-saving mechanical and electrical systems, in addition to natural daylight harvesting and whisper-quiet acoustics. Built to LEED® and CHPS® green school standards, Gen7 classrooms are one of the safest and healthiest classrooms on the market.

Does AMS offer financing?

Yes. AMS offers lease purchase and straight lease financing alternatives with flexible terms.