Modular Construction Leadership

AMS as the trusted leader in modular construction

When you’re looking to build, you’re looking for a company with experience. AMS is one of the most experienced firms in the business, yet we’ve never lost our entrepreneurial spirit, the creative, customer-first focus that drives us to innovate and excel. We have always been privately owned and operated, instilling and cultivating a positive, supportive environment that values teamwork, while providing leadership and management expertise at the highest level.

Dan Sarich

President / CEO

Dan has more than 30 years experience in the modular construction business—years that have seen American Modular Systems grow from a small startup company to California’s leading provider of modern educational facilities. As President and CEO, Dan has established AMS as a client-focused, relationship-based business, creating a company culture that combines honesty, integrity and hard work with a commitment to innovation and responsible manufacturing that has made AMS the industry trailblazer. Day-to-day, Dan oversees all aspects of financial management, bidding, estimating, procurement and logistics, building long-standing relationships throughout the supply chain, construction industry and community. Under Dan’s guidance and stewardship, AMS launched the company’s new line of Gen7 classrooms, partnering with school districts across California to improve the educational experience for students from kindergarten to college. A graduate of the University of Oregon, Dan served as past president of the School Facilities Manufacturer’s Association.

“We realized early on that our goal was not to become the biggest, but the best. From our high level of quality in the factory to our high level of service in the field to our high level of involvement in the community, we work hard to be the gold standard in the industry.”

Tony Sarich

VP of Operations

Tony has spearheaded the expansion of both AMS and the industry, reshaping production and fostering change to reconceive what a modular building can be—and do. As VP of Operations, Tony is part general contractor, part marketing pioneer and part brand ambassador, playing a pivotal role in growing new markets, leveraging new technology and increasing awareness for green building and the company’s high performance Gen7 line. Tony established AMS as a leader in sustainable enterprise, reducing energy usage at the AMS factory through daylighting and high-efficiency systems, while eliminating 90% of waste through recycling and efficient purchasing. He positioned AMS as LEED® and CHPS® specialists, bringing cutting-edge sustainability to modular construction. With more than 20 years experience in the modular field, Tony channels both expertise and vision into creating the ideal 21st century learning environment, integrating new technology to support innovative teaching practices and promote environmental stewardship in schools and in the community.

“We’ve always valued innovation, as a company and as company leaders. If the technology doesn’t exist, we create it. If there’s a better way to build a product, we find it. If we can make a difference, we make it. It’s not just how we do business; it’s why we do business.”