Our Story

American Modular Systems is California’s leading modular manufacturer.

Established in 1983, AMS specializes in durable, DSA Pre-Approved modular schools designed to help school districts expand quickly and affordably. We offer permanent modular structures—an affordable alternative to portable, relocatable and temporary schools, classrooms and buildings. In 2009, AMS transformed the industry with the introduction of the award-winning Gen7 line of high-performance classrooms—healthy, sustainable, energy-efficient classrooms that provide the ideal learning environment for students of all ages.

At AMS, we build buildings to be safe, comfortable spaces. But we build so much more than buildings. Our success comes from long-term relationships built on a foundation of old-fashioned values shared with our clients, co-workers and communities; values like:


Trust. Commitment. Ethics. They’re more than words to us; they’re the cornerstone of our company philosophy. We treat each client with respect and honesty, partnering with them throughout the design and construction process to achieve their goals efficiently and economically.


We are catalysts for change, a solution-driven company continually seeking new and better ways to identify and fulfill emerging needs. From groundbreaking technology to cutting-edge design and performance, we consistently raise the bar, creating faster, safer and more sustainable ways to build.


We take pride in being an industry leader, influencers in our field, trusted by our clients and respected in our communities. Our commitment to building quality modular schools, classrooms and buildings with a focus on service and meticulous attention to detail reflects a passion for what we do and pride in what we build.

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